How To Evaluate A Translation Agency

There are many reasons for needing a translation agency. In an international city like Miami, translation is often needed by law firms, mortgage brokers, companies selling a product or service, insurance agents, import-export companies, and many others. In the case of law firms and corporate entities, there are usually multiple translation projects or there is consistent translation work to be done, which underscores the need for fast, professional, and expert translation. Because the translation industry is unregulated and there are virtually no barriers to entry, there is quite a bit of competition. This makes it difficult to evaluate and choose a competent service. That said, a good translation agency is like the barista at your favorite coffee shop. They build a relationship with you, they anticipate your needs, they prioritize excellent service, and they deliver a quality final product. Once you find a good one, you keep coming back for more. These three tips will help you evaluate and hire a top translation agency that you can come to again and again.

1. A good agency has experience and repeat clients. All you should have to do is review the corporate website of a company and generally, there will be client statements calling attention to accuracy, timeliness, and subject-matter expertise. These are the critical factors that all clients look for. Repeat clients are evidence of a solid client-agency relationship and proof that a client is receiving quality work on a timely basis.

2. A good agency can offer a depth and breadth of services in a variety of languages so that a client does not have to look for different providers to satisfy all needs. The range of services can include translation, transcription, voiceover and subtitling, audio, DTP, website localization, language training, machine translation post-editing (MTPE), and others. A valuable translation agency is a “one-stop shop” for all translation needs.

3. A good agency provides cost-effective translation services and will work with a client in order to understand the details of a project and how the client is going to use the translated material. Good translation agencies are experts in what they do and can give their clients options to save money on translation. Often a client may believe numerous documents need to be translated, but a good agency will find that, depending on the circumstances, the client may only need summaries of those documents in the target language. A trusted, reliable translation agency will deliver the most cost-effective, accurate translation to a client while ensuring the client’s needs and deadlines are met.

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