If you were born in a country where a language other than English is spoken, and need a birth certificate translation for a visa to come to the United States, your work doesn’t end when mom or dad texts you to say “found it.” Now, you need to find a birth certificate translator to take all those funny-sounding words regarding your arrival on this planet and turn them into words that everyone in our government can understand. How well your birth certificate translation is performed will help to determine whether you can visit or immigrate to the United States, or whichever country you’d like to visit or live in.

We will always shoot straight with our clients, existing or prospective: Translating a birth certificate is not the most difficult linguistic challenge that our translators will face. However, after 10 years of translating birth certificates (and myriad other types of documents), we’re still surprised when we receive compliments on our birth certificate translations. “Oh my gosh, it looks just like the original, with the images of the government stamps and seals and everything!” “Wow, thanks for including the coat of arms, the barcodes and the QR codes in the translation of our birth certificate!!” We used to scrunch up our foreheads when we heard these compliments as if to say “uh, yeah, that’s the least we can do…” But as we get older and uglier, and compliments fly our way less often, we revel in the fact that people love our birth certificate translations. Whether the linguistic challenge is difficult or not, we know that the work we contribute to your visa application is part of a narrative that you’re trying to establish, and that narrative is that you are a serious, upstanding person whose presence here in the United States will be positive. Taking a few extra moments to make our birth certificate translation look as much like the original as possible slightly nudges your application to an “approved” response, and it’s something we love to do.

We are TransForma. We aren’t hunting for compliments on our birth-certificate translations, but we’re learning how to take a compliment and will gladly accept one from you. You can learn more about us at www.transFormaonline.com. If you need our help telling the synopsis of your birth moment to the world, please email us at request@transformaonline.com, or call us at 305-722-3827.