Miami is home to over 306,000 non-English speaking people, of which 61.2% speak Spanish signifying the need for Spanish translation services. Not only Spanish, but other common non-English languages spoken in Miami are French, Creole, and Portuguese. Miami is already a multiethnic city, but it is also one of the most popularly traveled destinations in the United States attracting visitors from all over the nation. Because of Miami’s diversity in culture and industry, incomplete translations or a translation that lacks quality is an economic liability.

Miami’s Businesses and Corporations Earn Top Talent Through Translation

To support the high population of native Spanish speakers in Miami, many companies invest in a translation service to have their human resources and employee benefits documents translated from English to Spanish. Businesses who want to grow and expand in the Miami area and outskirts will require more employees, which many times results in a largely Spanish-speaking staff. It is important that employees understand their compensation package and benefits so they can make informed health and financial decisions. It is easier to comprehend complex information, such as health insurance options and retirement plans, in one’s native language. Therefore, even if a Human Resources (HR) department has native Spanish speakers on staff, they will typically contract with a professional, experienced Spanish translation service, like TransForma, to translate their corporate documents. Most HR departments do not have the resources capable to perform large translation jobs. Plus, it is assumed that if you speak Spanish and English, you are able to translate; however, translating from one language to another is challenging and time consuming. There are variances in words, phrases, and sentence structure. Asking an HR employee to translate multiple corporate documents is inefficient and places unnecessary stress and burden on the employee. It is more cost-effective and businesses get a higher quality product when they hire a Spanish translation service.

Miami’s Tourism Industry Relies On Translation

Miami owes much of its cultural diversity and economic growth to the tourism industry. Not only are Spanish translations a top need, but many other languages as well because travelers come from all over the world. Are you traveling to Miami and do not speak English? Não se preocupe; você terá uma ótima viagem para Miami. To assist the substantial population of non-English speaking travelers vacationing in Miami, many resorts and hotels offer tourists travel brochures, resort and hotel information, and visitor information in their native language. For example, Brazil has contributed substantially to the economy in the state of Florida via the numerous Brazilians that visit each year. Many touring companies and entertainment destinations have translators available to narrate and greet guests who speak Spanish and other languages.

Profit From Translation

Miami businesses and corporations continuously come to TransForma for translation projects. They understand that in order to grow and profit, they need their corporate and company communications, documents, and other pertinent information translated for the large multiethnic population of employees and consumers. TransForma has the cultural acumen, business resources, and trusted experience needed to navigate the details of large translation projects. Call us at (305) 722-3827 or email us at We’d love to learn more about your translation needs.