Sometimes called the triple constraint, there are three factors that govern decisions in any project: time, money, and quality. These are certainly aspects of any translation project. TransForma always achieves a quality translation, and we aim to keeps costs at a minimum. Therefore, we highly encourage our clients to consider time of the highest value. Consider these factors when asking for a translation quote.


  • How much content needs to be translated? Is it a 200-word letter, a 2,000-word translation of text for a website, or a 200,000-word set of audit reports?
  • How many languages are being translated? Is it a one-to-one translation job or are multiple languages to be translated into other languages? For instance, we’ve translated website text from an English-language website into Russian and Portuguese. We’ve also recreated marketing brochures for a real estate development project from English into Spanish, Russian and Portuguese (including the graphic design).
  • How complex is the content? Is it an intricate foreign arbitration award or a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 10 slides?
  • When does the job need to be completed? Is this a rush job or do you have a flexible deadline for completion?

All of these time circumstances influence the costs associated with a translation project because they determine how many linguists are needed, whether overtime must be scheduled, and the level of review and approval required (for example, when complex legal documents are involved). This last point is particularly important in the case of a rush job, as clients must remember that a rush delivery cuts into the time allotted for language review. Therefore, while the price will be quite high, the quality probably won’t be.


We understand that unexpected situations come up, and one might require a rush translation, especially for legal, financial, and personal documents, like foreign birth certificates. For example, we are often asked to translate a birth certificate when an individual is applying for U.S. citizenship on a rush basis because the attorney has to file the paperwork in court by a certain date. These situations can’t be helped, and we strive to keep rush fees at a minimum. In the case of voluminous documentation that must be filed in court as part of complex litigation cases, it’s critical to receive clear documents; text that is hard to read will also command a premium fee, and may not translate accurately. If there are any questions or additional information needed, these items should be addressed right away so the translation project can be completed as soon as possible.


A responsible, dependable translation service values each client’s needs uniquely and provides the quality translation product requested. We encourage clients to allow us as much time as possible to complete their translation project, and we will always offer the most cost-effective solution.

Our Standard Is Excellence

The demand for translation services is booming as our economy becomes more globally integrated and dependent. Translation and interpretation services are a vital part of doing business today, which is why you can expect error-free, accurate translations from TransForma. Plus, translation is often the law. Legal, financial, and educational documents are required to be translated in order to be legitimate. The United States Citizen and Immigration Services website even has the naturalization resources available in Spanish, and the U.S. Department of State requires that statistics records and civil documents be translated and submitted along with naturalization applications. In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice orders that limited English proficient (LEP) individuals be provided the necessary training, educational material, and resources to meaningfully participate in federally conducted programs and activities and perceives translation as essential to allowing LEP and other non-English speaking individuals to fully participate in the judicial system and its proceedings.

Do You Need A Translator?

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