Jimmy Fallon Reveals Google Translate’s Errors

The media spread the word about how Google Translate closed the language barrier between foreigners and Russians for those who traveled to Russia to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup. While it may be an efficient method for understanding directions or what to order on a menu, it is not always accurate or effective for optimal communication. Jimmy Fallon is known to call attention to Google Translate’s deficiencies in translation. When speech contains local dialect or vernacular, understanding the type of communication and the language spoken in the geographical location is fundamental to proper translation. Words and expressions that are common and familiar in one region may not be understood or convey the same meaning in another region, even in the same language. These language variations and speech varieties can be seen throughout the world, especially in everyday conversations, songs, and stories. Different dialects of the same language may be mutually intelligible and humorous, as Fallon illustrates with his late-night karaoke of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” translated into “Hula Prince.”

Legitimacy of Legal Documents

That said, there are no distinctions in the boundary between being humorous and ethical when it concerns translating legal documents, such as wills, court orders, and associated correspondence. Many families have moved from other countries to the United States and established property and assets. When an estate owner has a will composed in her or his native language, it is critical that the will be properly examined and translated to ensure that the individual’s property is distributed as desired. An experienced, expert linguist can correctly translate the content of a will in the native tongue to ensure that a testator’s intended beneficiaries acquire the right assets. A slight word variation in dialect or jargon can significantly change the rights of beneficiaries. The legality of wills and living trusts are dependent upon state laws; thus, it is not only important for a will to be correctly translated, but it is actually required for the granting of probate in some states. For example, Florida statute § 733.204 mandates that wills written in a foreign language be accompanied by a, “true and complete,” English translation before being admitted to probate.

Trusted Translation Service

Transforma Translation Services has been a trusted source by individuals and law firms to translate a variety of arbitration awards, court orders, contracts, wills, tax returns, and more. Not only do we have expert linguists available to translate any language variation or dialect, but we understand the emotional investments individuals carry with legal documents and develop a compassionate and warm relationship with all of our clients and support them throughout the translation process. We recommend that families have estate and living wills translated while the estate owner is still living. Email request@transformaonline.com or call (305) 722-3827 if you or someone in your family needs a legal document translated.