About Us

Learn about our mission and vision.

At TransForma Translation Services,

we speak the language of business.

TransForma is a boutique agency that offers professional translation services and places a premium on lasting relationships. This includes not only our clients, but our linguists and other service partners. Our business is built on respecting your needs and the efforts of our providers. We respond to your requests quickly, and in writing. Your translation is assigned to an experienced linguist who has consistently delivered the quality that we expect. Once your translation is completed and it’s gone through a detailed quality assurance check, we stand ready to answer any questions you may have, and help with additional language services you may need.

We know your translation needs do not exist in a two-party, client-translation agency vacuum. The precision and timeliness of our service are crucial, and will be measured by other parties. Our translation of your offshore corporate formation and financial documents will be scrutinized by the bank that is reviewing your loan application, and the loan must be approved within a specific timeframe, so that your transaction can close on time. If the interpreter at your deposition lacks knowledge of legal terminology, the deponent will be confused, the court reporter will be frustrated, and what should have taken two hours extends to four—costing all parties valuable time and money.

We don’t have layer upon layer of bureaucracy. We are virtual, which means we can respond to your request in record time. Our linguists can be found throughout the world, and we can therefore deliver the finished product just as fast. We work hard to impress you and win your business. You’re not just a number to us; you’re the reason we exist.

At TransForma, we don’t just translate. We like to understand the context of your project. This allows us not only to deliver accurate translations, but also to offer time- and money-saving options to help you reach your goals as cost-effectively as possible. For example, in a real estate transaction, the title insurance company may accept a partial translation of formation documents, or a lending bank may accept a partial translation of foreign tax returns. Our experience allows us to point out these options to our clients, thus saving them money.

Our agency is headquartered in Miami, Florida—a global crossroads and international gateway. Our location gives us a unique perspective on the obstacles posed by the eternal yet unsolvable conundrum: human beings do not all speak the same language. Even between two speakers of the same language, such as a Mexican and a Spaniard or an American and an Australian, differences in vocabulary can render communication difficult. Clearly, the obstacles increase exponentially when ideas and concepts created in one language must be expressed in another. At TransForma, we are fascinated and energized by meeting this challenge for our clients quickly, accurately, and professionally—in any language.


We know our people

While the bigger players have tens of thousands of linguists they’ve never met or vetted, TransForma has a tight network of professionals whose work we’ve come
to know and trust. We want to really know our people—not just our clients, but the experts who work
on their projects.

We’re global, yet right in your back yard

We’re a boutique, but our senior team and linguists are spread across several lands and time zones.
Why? Because we want the best people—no matter where they are.

We’re not out to break your budget

With a virtual operation comes the luxury of charging less—and offering better quality. Because we want to keep your business, we look for ways to save you money…whether it’s volume and repetition discounts, summary translations, or whatever best suits your needs.

We’re small, so we’re flexible

We move quickly to put together the right resources to service your project, whether single or multilanguage—a critical feature when you expect something well done, and you need it fast.