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10 Translation Fails That Are Too Funny Not To Share

English signage is sensible for businesses in tourist-heavy countries. If your English translations become bad jokes, your smarts are gone. We appreciate that not everyone speaks the language well enough not to get lost in translation, so please don’t rely Google Translate to offer you anything close to a precise translation of whatever you enter in, making your sign a wonderfully humorous flop.

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The Pros and Cons of Finding Translators Online

The pros and cons of hiring a translator from an online marketplace versus engaging a traditional translation company. Learn about the factors to consider before making a decision, such as convenience, pricing, speed, and quality control, and get advice from the experts at Transforma to help you decide what’s best for your project.

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The International Lawyer’s Guide to Certified Translation

Certified translation for lawyers refers to the translation of legal documents, such as contracts, legal agreements, and court transcripts, that have been certified by a professional translator to be accurate and true to the original document. This type of translation is often required by courts, government agencies, and other legal entities in order to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the translated document. Its incredible important that this information is correct. This post explains how you achieve that.

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Is AI the Future of Human Resources Translation?

Is the future of HR translation dependent on AI? From Chat-GPT to DALL-e and beyond, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having its moment. The translation industry is certainly not exempt from the hype. In fact, The Economist recently published a piece called “The Rise of the Cyborgs,” describing the translator of the future as a “human-machine…