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BMW Showcases AI Translation Fails for Lunar New Year Campaign

Discover how BMW’s 2023 Lunar New Year campaign in China showcases the hilarious side of AI translation fails. The commercial created by TBWA\Juice Beijing and TBWA\BOLT Shanghai highlights the importance of accuracy in translation and how a robust QA process can avoid costly mistakes. Read on to learn more about this amusing ad and the three common business translation mistakes to avoid.


Spanish Is Spanish … Or Is It?

We get a large amount of requests on a daily basis for translation from English into Spanish, most of them for “dry” content: tax forms, contracts, financial reports, and so on. And occasionally the client will say something like, “this is for Colombia. Can you make sure this is translated into Colombian Spanish?” There is…

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Mistranslations Cause Loss Of Profits, Trust, And Reputation for Global Businesses

In 1987, Braniff Airlines aired an advertisement of their new slogan urging travelers to “fly in leather” in Spanish, shocking local Latin American consumers and advertising executives. Without using an expert translator to take into consideration regional colloquialisms, and no doubt using a bilingual dictionary (this was before the Internet), the phrase “in leather” was…

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What’s Emoji With You?

In the summer of 2016, the Editors of Time magazine published a special edition book (and Ebook) called, The Science of Happiness: New Discoveries for a More Joyful Life. To communicate feelings of happiness, the book’s cover displayed a series of emojis that signaled happiness, joy, or love…but what if an individual is not familiar…