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Will ChatGPT Replace Translators?

Explore the impact of AI on language services, particularly the use of ChatGPT in the translation industry. This article provides a reality check on the capabilities of machine translation, how it compares to current technology, and whether it can replicate all the functions of a translation agency. It concludes with the future of the industry and how businesses can make the most of AI without sacrificing quality or privacy.

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Beware The Fake Translator

Beware of fake translators on freelance platforms. Learn how to protect yourself from grammatical errors, unnatural phrasing, cultural inaccuracies and more by checking credentials, membership in professional associations, and samples of previous work. Evaluate the experience, credentials and expertise of the translator to ensure quality and avoid wasting time and money.

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10 Translation Fails That Are Too Funny Not To Share

English signage is sensible for businesses in tourist-heavy countries. If your English translations become bad jokes, your smarts are gone. We appreciate that not everyone speaks the language well enough not to get lost in translation, so please don’t rely Google Translate to offer you anything close to a precise translation of whatever you enter in, making your sign a wonderfully humorous flop.