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The International Lawyer’s Guide to Certified Translation

Certified translation for lawyers refers to the translation of legal documents, such as contracts, legal agreements, and court transcripts, that have been certified by a professional translator to be accurate and true to the original document. This type of translation is often required by courts, government agencies, and other legal entities in order to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the translated document. Its incredible important that this information is correct. This post explains how you achieve that.


The Real Cost of A Bad Translation

Recently we got a desperate call from one of our law firm clients. The attorney was requesting a Spanish-English interpreter immediately, because the client had brought her teenage niece as an interpreter to a bankruptcy deposition. Another attorney client told me of a case he was handling where the Chinese witness had brought his mother…


The Myth of The Certified Legal Translator

We get lots of requests from lawyers that go something like this: “We need you to translate a contract for us, but the translation must be done by a certified legal translator.” This is a perfectly reasonable and justified request. After all, a lawyer wants assurance that the work requested will be done by a…


Spotlight Interview with Santana Rodriguez Law PA

Last month, we sat down with Elina Magaly Santana from Santana Rodriguez Law PA to share more information on TransForma Translation and how our services can benefit attorneys and their clients. For ten years, managing partner Carmen Hiers has provided professional translations to clients in Miami and beyond. In that time, we have seen attorneys from…

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Time? Money? Quality? What To Expect From TransForma Translation Services

Sometimes called the triple constraint, there are three factors that govern decisions in any project: time, money, and quality. These are certainly aspects of any translation project. TransForma always achieves a quality translation, and we aim to keeps costs at a minimum. Therefore, we highly encourage our clients to consider time of the highest value….