Your brand is ready to expand to a global market, or maybe it already has. In an effort to garner more attention for your company, you consider a rebrand.  Between updating offerings, designs, and testing the market, there is one mistake we see time and time again. A company’s success abroad cannot depend on repurposing English-language content by means of automatic translation. Consulting with a translation agency should be at the top of your list when considering a global rebrand. Localization is an integral part of that process. When brands are crafting new assets — such as names, logos, and promotional materials – it’s crucial that the content speaks to the intended audience visually and verbally.

Global brand strategy relies on localization and translation 

International clients have different needs than domestic clients. Not only do companies need to make an effort to speak to clients in their native language, but they also need to appeal to their cultural preferences. Everything from a color to a catchphrase can be rejected (or praised) when appealing to an international audience. For example, is your company taking into consideration the pronunciation of your brand name in a foreign country’s language?

Let’s look at Pepsi. In 2009, Pepsi Argentina was in a challenging market battle with Coca-Cola. At the time, a Pepsi was 1 peso less expensive than a Coke. In an effort to connect with locals better, they became “Pecsi” to make it easier for Argentines to pronounce the name. Sales and brand recognition reportedly increased.  They called it “la hermosa democracia pronunciatoria” (the beautiful democracy of pronunciation). While this name change was temporary, this rebrand was the movement Pepsi needed to get the buy-in of an entire country.

Your translation agency and branding company should work together

According to the American Marketing Association, marketers are investing more of their budget in localizing content for international audiences. Although translation and localization do add time to your rebranding timeline, it is worth it. Localizing content has been proven to increase ROI and increase sales globally. As you embark on your rebranding process, or before you launch, your translation agency and branding company should work closely together.

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